T&C Vectors Design Bureau is a specialist Enterprise Engineering and Enterprise Achitecture Enterprise in pursuit of solving the worlds Toughest problems.

Enterprise Engineering is a discipline of systems Engineering that helps build Smarter Software Systems, Machine systems and Efficient People within the boundaries of a modern Enterprise.

The Software systems and Other solutions being developed by T&C Vectors are designed to last through the 21st century.

A world Full of Challenges

As we Understand there are approximately 6-7 Billion People on this Planet, with limited resources and opportunities for growth. Situation and Circumstances in the 19-20 Century were different from those present now. A Small fraction of People in the world are employed in the Organised Sectors and the world economies are heterogeneous in their stages of development. Most Countries are reeling under large Debt burdens run by Inefficient Governance ("Inefficiencies at Scale"). Most world economies are growing at rates that make life Uncertain and Unsustainable. Solving the Toughest challenges at this juncture not only requires World Scale Innovation but also Tenacity to Override difficult challenges. At T&C Vectors the approach to solving 21st Century problems at scale is guided by 6 core philosophies

6 core philosophies
  • Purpose in Thought, Action and Existence.( The Universe Seeks Purpose )
  • Truth in Engineering and Execution to build Smarter Efficient Enterprises and Public ecosystems, Utilising breakthrough autonomic Software and Governance systems. ( The Universe Seeks Effort, Work Ethics, Efficiency, Simplicity and Precision )
  • Critical & Vital Information for all Individuals and Enterprises all over the world, for smarter decisions.
  • Efficient Industrialization at "Scale" accomodating Large Workforces, creating large and sustainable Ecosystems.
  • Changing Human Behaviour and Enterprise Behaviour by changing the Techniques of how Ecosystems work ( from the behaviour of pure Self Preservation to, a Behaviour of coexistence in systemic Equilibrium - all in pursuit of a the Greater whole, a Greater good and a greater purpose. )
  • Promoting a Rigorous Culture of Collective Vision, collaborative behaviour collective agility and collective Responsibility.

21st Century Techniques & Methods to Change the Way the World Works.( In short - Shifting to a new Reality)

Some of the Principles, Processes, Methods, Techniques of yesteryears fail abysmally in todays circumstances/environment and therefore T&C Vectors is focussed on creating fundamentally new Techniques, Concepts and new knowledge to sustain this world towards the next century utilising principles of ( "Efficiencies at Scale" ).

A little Philosophy

Note: A little Philosophy may be accomodated into T&C Vectors Goals and Objectives. Life's Purpose is to "Execute, Execute and Execute", to amplify life's output. Systems thinking teaches us to measure Outputs and Inputs of a system and a similar guiding principle applies to life. Real life reflects maneuvering and evolving under difficult circumstances and constraints. Life is not meant to all freedom and frolic. We measure machines for their outputs and efficiency and similarly, life is measured by it's efficiency, and that's not exactly a well kept secret.
The Quote from the Film Matrix teaches us: We're not here because we're free; we're here because we're not free. There's no escaping reason, no denying purpose, for as we both know, without purpose, we would not exist. It is purpose that created us, purpose that connects us, purpose that pulls us, that guides us, that drives us, that binds us, it is purpose that defines us.