T&C Vectors introduces a new Engineering Science - Super Fractal Engineering

Research - Project IQ Shift

T&C Vectors has been Involved in Research & Development under the scope of a project titled: "Project IQ shift" , studying the convergence of Design in Nature , Design in Science and Design in Technology. Eight years of Cutting Edge Applied Research has culminated in absolute breakthrough Findings leading to a world changing Science called - Super Fractal Engineering. It derives it's fundamentals from Visual Mathematics & the MathematicalPhysics subject "Mathmatical Fractals" invented by IBM Fellow :Benoît Mandelbrot. Super Fractal Engineering techniques simulate Universe's(Natures) technique of Perfect creation.

Super Fractal Engineering - A new Engineering Science

Super Fractal Engineering( The Newest Engineering Science / a (Super Science) - is a SuperSet as well as an abstraction of an array of Sciences viz: ComputerScience - Analytics Sciences -Software Engineering - Systems Engineering -Economics - Engineering - Advanced Mathematical Physics - ManagementScience - Architecture. It impacts the Worldwide Enterprise Ecosystem in extremely significant ways ( Education and Industry ).

Why another Engineering Science at all ?

Recent Research Directions have become very fragmented and numerous patents are filed by leading enterprises worldwide everyday.However the Fragmented findings lose it's efficacy in application in the world ecosystem. This has led us to invent a new form of science that is unparalled in scope and scale of its applications. More precisely - specialized (Physical and Non physical) sciences are unable to solve today's real world problems entirely because of their scope.

It is well to understand that science itself was divided as a subject to allow for further research and specialization. It is for human ease of understanding tht such Artificial divisions of science were created. Todays real world problems do not exactly fit into a single realm of a Specialized science. The solution was to create a super set of Sciences that could solve problems to their entirety. We are excited that the advent of such a science will bringing into scope new frontiers in Scientific Thinking and herald the next wave of Discoveries and Findings to this world. Although Super Fractal Engineering as a science has built the necessary foundations for immediate application, there is a large room for Discovery - Research and further maturity of the science.

Application of Super Fractal Engineering

Application of Super Fractal Engineering would lead to numerous new terms like Autonomic Enterprise Systems, The Programmed and Managed Enterprise, Enterprise Intellisense , Enterprise Nervous Systems and World Digital Lifelines systems. In shorter terms It's a Discovery that "changes everything" or "Redefines Definition" and adds a "Absolutely New Purpose" to life. We are sure our Findings are going to replace the Foundations of a Multitude of Subjects, Consolidate knowledge and create New Knowledge that's going to create and sustain a Brilliantly intelligent new Future. We hope to live by our visions objective to truly "Solve Equations of Changing Times -(dx/dt)!".Infact we are looking forward to hearing from you.

T&C Vectors Super Fractal Engineering is in easy to Apply systems science, that would be useful in building a Smarter world of tomorrow. By Smarter world we imply - [ Smarter Products, Smarter People, Smarter Machines and Smarter Enterprises, Smarter Planet Earth ].

Super Fractal Engineering - redefines how people THINK & LEARN. It's a Very structured and precise science and Reveals Hidden Dimensions of the World, generally hidden to the Human eye. On proper assimilation, it can enhance the Human IQ and Human Cognitive Fluidity (Knowledge of diverse domains) by many folds. Since it is precise and concise - the training and learning coefficients are improved with very less effort and Time consumption, therefore it allows people to focus on Execution and Operations. This Science also defines the process of Systematic Innovation (i.e It teaches you how to Innovate).

Applications of Super Fractal Engineering