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State of Affairs
@State of Affairs
 T&C Vectors is an  Enterprising Engineering  Solutions  Lab  bringing you " Next Generation "   Enterprise solutions.                                                                       
Enterprise Realization__

+ Stage 1 - Startup formalities Complete.

+ Stage 2 -Direct Public Offer - through Enterprise_Start - [ ] Listing Enterprise id = 1.
Enterprise Offering__
+ T&C Vectors is offering a  breakthrough, Enterprise Class Product  [Enterprise  operating System Framework], Viz. “ Enterprise Focus ”, with underlying  principles ,constructed  out of   "Unified Science theorems ". .   

+ Enterprise Focus  aims to cater to a large spectrum of Industries and enterprises[Size:small .medium & large]. It is anticipated that this product build, may bring in new dimensions and scale to
   enterprise software  products ,specifically in the disciplines of : 

  "Task Construction"," Man Management"," Optimization of task in context ","Design & Innovation","Research ","Continuous Reinforcement Learning","SalesVectoring" 
   An Integrated " Cash flow System" , "Performance Evaluation System" and "Implicit Project Management system" are to be built into the application Framework. 

   Eventually  EF caters to  the  People end , the Process/methods and the Engineering/Design ends of  the spectrum ,integrating them all into one [EDIC] Explicitly Distinct,Implicitly Coherent 
   It is likely that  EF will be available not only as an integrated  [People+ Methods +Design ] solution , but as  a  distinct standalone solution catering specifically to [People/Methods/EnggDesign].
   Final  Deployment  Architecture  may vary slightly between contracting firms &  would be dealt on a case to case basis, after due deliberations and field trials.

+  This Operating system Framework , on deployment leaves room for clear strategic   maneuvers and navigation of the Enterprise.It guides the Enterprise towards a new " Active ,Scientifically      biased and Refined " culture.

Enterprise Works__
+ Core [ Fundamental ]  Design of  the  Concept  is complete .

+  A  First level  System Design is complete .The Designs are displayed in the Design Section of this website. 

+  Work has commenced  on  Enterprise Focus ->  the Second Level System  Design iteration  is complete.(Updated 31 oct 07)

+  The Entire Design would  be "Dissoved and  Resynthesized" until  6 Iterations are complete . 
Enterprise Notifications__

  Alerts !

+   /Opening the Doors for all./ New - "Secondary Contract Scheme" Anounced - Under which the contracting firms may place orders for Enterprise Focus at a price that they feel fit .
  However all obligations on delivery dates stand nullified.( 12 May 08). Send in a mail !

+   All "startup" & "Early explorer" offers stand withdrawn as of date 12 May 08 ( 12 May 08).

+   "Primary Contract Scheme"- New - Flat Contract Rates Anounced.( 27 Feb 08). For receiving  contract cost quotes, please contact T&C Vectors[TCX].

+   This is to bring to your notice that final cost of deploying Enterprise Focus is going to be substantially moderated, inline with it's end objective of Enterprise Focus being a pervasive
     solution . Further deployment costs could also be paid off through convenient  installments. ---  ( 16 Feb 08)

+  Early Explorers  would be eligible for a one time Discount  during  Deployment.

               First contract bearer eligible for a 25% Discount during deployment.
               The second and third contract bearers would be eligible for a 15% discount respectively --( 27 Jan 08

Enterprise Engagement__
+ Multi-Foci Enterprise Collaborations open for Engagement . To " Engage "  the  Engagement initializations  form  could be filled in and  submitted.